Why vacillate? Save your skin with Sayman Salve

Sayman Salve

Sayman Salve

  • Coats skin with a sealing barrier
  • Contains petrolatum, zinc oxide
  • Popular but not easy to find
  • 4 oz. jar

You know that other more-famous brand of petroleum jelly? Forget about it. That’s for rubes and pixie dust spreaders. People in the know have chosen
Sayman Salve for a heckuva lot of unresearched years and they stand by Sayman Salve to this very day.

Small wonder.
Sayman Salve does everything you can expect of a petroleum jelly. Like covering a minor scratch, cut or a burn so germs can’t get to it. Or keeping chapped and chafed hands, face or lips protected from harsh elements. Or adding a soothing ointment anywhere a skin protectant without any healing properties is needed.

Some people even use it on their pets. Word is there’s more than one cat walking around without a sore butt thanks to
Sayman Salve. What do you think about this slogan: “Salman Salve. Say What? Salman Salve.” Needs work. Check in later.

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